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The Faculty of Humanities
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, 9190501

Department Head and Director of Literature Studies: Prof. Ruth Fine,

Director of Historical Studies: Dr. Claudia Kedar,

Director of Linguistic Studies: Prof. Aldina Quintana,

Department Advisor for BA Students: Mr. Itay Baruj,

Department Advisors for MA and PHD Students: Prof. Ruth Fine (Literature) and Dr. Claudia Kedar (History)


For administrative matters, please contact
Ms. Adva Cohen,
Tel. 02-5883616
Office hours: Sun., Mon., Wed., Thur., 10:00-13:00.
Room: 4502, Faculty of Humanities, Mount Scopus




Prof. Ruth Fine

Department Head and Director of Literature Studies
M.A./PhD advisor (Literature)
Room: 6606 (Humanities), Office hours: Wednesday 14.00-16.00

Research Interests: Spanish Golden Age Literature, The Literature of the Conversos after 1492, Semiotics and Literary Theory, The Work of Cervantes, The Presence of the Bible and of Jewish Elements in the Work of Cervantes, Contemporary Ibero-American literature, The Work of Jorge Luis Borges.

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Ruth Fine is Salomon and Victoria Cohen Professor in Iberian and Latin American Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, where she acts as Head of the Department of Spanish and Latin-American Studies. Her fields of expertise are semiotics and literary theory, the Spanish Golden Age literature, and the literature of the Conversos. In these areas she has published numerous articles and books among them: Una lectura semiótico narratológica del Quijote (2006); Cervantes y las religiones (ed. with S. López Navia, Iberoamericana/Vervuert, 2008); La Biblia en la literatura del Siglo de Oro (ed. with con I. Arellano, 2010); Lo converso: orden imaginario y realidad en la cultura española (siglos XIV-XVII) (ed. with M. Guillemont and Juan D. Vila, 2013); Reescrituras bíblicas cervantinas (2014).  She acts as the President of the Israeli Association of Hispanists, Vice-President of the AIH and of the International Association of Cervantistas, responsible for the Iberian Section of the Masterpieces Translation Program of the Ministry of Culture and member of the Board of the AISO (International Association of the Golden Age). In 2013 she was awarded the "Orden del Mérito Civil" by the King of Spain for her contribution to Spanish culture. In 2016 she was appointed Correspondent Member of the Royal Spanish Academy.


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Dr. Claudia Kedar

M.A. & PhD advisor (History)
Room: 6620 (Humanities), Office hours: By appointment (set via email)

Research Interests: The history of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and their relations with Latin America and the U.S.; U.S.-Latin American relations; the Washington Consensus; economic globalization; contemporary Argentina and Chile.

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PhD in History (2009, Tel-Aviv University). Claudia Kedar was a visiting postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and Leonard Davis and Lady Davis postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University. Her book, "The International Monetary Fund and Latin America. The Argentine Puzzle in Context" (Temple University Press, 2013), received an honorable mention from the 2014 Luciano Tomassini Latin American International Relations Book Award (LASA). She has published in leading journals like the Hispanic American Historical Review, the Journal of Latin American Studies, and the Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Her new research project, "Nationalizations and privatizations in the making: the World Bank and Latin America, 1944-1995" is supported by an Individual Research Grant of the Israeli Science Foundation.

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Ms. Florinda (Friedmann) Goldberg

Room: 6617 (Humanities)

Research Interests: Latin American Literature, with emphasis on: literature of repression and exile, woman writing, Jewish authors and subjects, Hispanic …

Margalit Bejarano

Margalit Bejarano

Fields of research: History of the Jews in Cuba, Jewbans and Latino Jews in Miami, Sephardic Jews in Latin America, Oral History.


Ms. Lital Belinko Sabah
Room: 130 (Rabin Building)

Research Interests: Textual folklore and its analysis with structural linguistic and textual grammar theories.

Daniel Blaustein

Dr. Daniel Blaustein

Room: 6605 (Humanities)

Research Interests: Contemporary Latin American Literature and Literary Theory

Haim Carmi

Research Interests: Rabinic Literature and  Judeo-Spanish  language
Title of the disseration: Public Regulations in Judeo-Spanish – Study of a Genre
Dr. Jonathan Grossman

Dr. Jonathan Grossman
The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Room 417
Research Interests: Israel-Latin America Relations, The Jewish Diaspora in Latin America, Israel-Diaspora Relations, Immigration and Diaspora Politics, Digital …

Dafna Hornike
Dr. Hornike completed her undergraduate degree in Latin American Studies and Gender Studies Magna Cum Laude at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Ms. Talia Huss

0546-201160 (and +54 11 3639 4627)

Research Interests: Narrative, Reading theories, Contemporary Latin American narrative, Spanish Golden Ages narrative

Yanay Israeli

Yanay Israeli

Research interests: social and cultural history of Spain and the Hispanic world (14th-16th centuries); the justice system; bureaucracy and state formation; women and the law; historical sociology; the history of Jews and conversos. 

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Yanay Israeli studied history at the University of Michigan. Drawing on extensive archival research and on hundreds of unpublished records, his doctoral thesis focused on petitioning the monarch as a social practice in fifteenth-century Castile. Israeli's current research project seeks to develop a novel account of the political culture of late medieval and early modern Spain by tracing the “social lives” of royal documents. This project examines how a wide range of historical actors, including commoners, obtained royal decrees in their favor, and then employed them in local conflicts. Israeli argues that tens of thousands of local interactions, in which subjects relied on royal decrees in order to make social claims, threaten rivals, and negotiate and challenge local constellations of power deeply affected the political and social reality of the Hispanic world. These interactions shaped new modes of thought and action, giving new meanings to concepts such as sovereignty, justice and political community. In other works, Israeli studied urban riots, violence against Iberian conversos, and the use of judicial practices in local conflicts.

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Ofek Kehila

Ofek Kehila

Room 248 (Mandel Scholion)

Research Interests: Spanish Golden Age Literature, Semiotics and Literary Theory, The Work of Cervantes, Contemporary Ibero-American literature, The Work of Reinaldo Arenas, Rewriting, Empathy in Literature.

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Ofek Kehila is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Spanish and Latin-American Studies. He received the President's stipend and the Mandel-Scholion stipend, taking part in the Mandel School PhD Honors Program and in the Mandel-Scholion research group “In Someone Else’s Shoes - An Interdisciplinary Research Group for the Study of Empathy in History, Society, and Culture”. His PhD dissertation, under the supervision of Prof. Ruth Fine, explores the phenomenon of rewriting in literature while focusing on the works of the Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas.  

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Sebastián Arango Nader

Sebastián Arango Nader
Research Interests: Middle Eastern Migration to Latin America, History of Colombia, Diplomatic History, Cultural Diplomacy