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The Faculty of Humanities
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, 9190501

Department Head and Director of Literature Studies: Prof. Ruth Fine,

Director of Historical Studies: Dr. Claudia Kedar,

Director of Linguistic Studies: Prof. Aldina Quintana,

Department Advisor for BA Students: Mr. Itay Baruj,

Department Advisors for MA and PHD Students: Prof. Ruth Fine (Literature) and Dr. Claudia Kedar (History)


For administrative matters, please contact
Ms. Adva Cohen,
Tel. 02-5883616
Office hours: Sun., Mon., Wed., Thur., 10:00-13:00.
Room: 4502, Faculty of Humanities, Mount Scopus


Why Study With Us?


Our department is the only one in Israel that grants BA, MA and PhD degrees in Spanish and Latin-American studies! The Department of Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies specializes in studying the literature, history, culture, linguistics, and languages of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and Latin America.
How is it possible to understand the history and culture of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America without knowing about their writers, leaders and great thinkers? How can we understand the cultures of Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan peoples without knowing their languages?
Recognizing the strong connection between history, literature, culture and language, we offer our students a multidisciplinary program. This stimulating framework enables them to reach a high level of mastery in Spanish, Portuguese and/or Catalan, through special language courses, as well as various courses taught in Spanish (mainly in the area of literature). At the same time, our students deepen and broaden their study of the literature, history, linguistics, philology, political science, international relations, economics, sociology and anthropology of the Iberian and Latin-American world.


What Can You Do with it Afterwards? A Lot!

The Foreign Ministry training course – employment in UN offices – shlichut service in Jewish communities in Spain and Latin America – literary and professional translation – academic research – tourism and guiding – business with Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries – language instruction – work abroad – cultural centers – museums – universities overseas – television, radio and newspapers.
Do you know Spanish, Portuguese or Catalan? Wonderful! Students with previous knowledge of these languages take a qualifying exam to determine their placement in language courses according to their level. No background in these languages? Don't worry – our department offers courses for everyone! 
Are you concerned that the department’s courses will conflict with courses that you are taking in other departments? Our advisors will help you build a personalized course of study tailored especially for you!
Are you looking for a scholarship? Students of the department will benefit from scholarships for studies in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.
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